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About us



PE "Communal Hygiene" - Skopje, founded by the City of Skopje, is one of the largest enterprises in the communal area in the Republic of Macedonia.

In its over a hundred years of existence and action, JP "Communal hygiene" successfully takes care of maintaining public cleanliness on the territory of the City of Skopje. Developing alongside the development and modernization of Skopje, with the good organization, efficiency, responsibility and discipline, JP "Communal hygiene" has grown into a leader in the field of utility activities in the country.

The company employs about a thousand workers and has over 130 special utility vehicles for the collection and transportation of municipal waste and for performing other activities that are within the competence of the company.



- Collection and transportation of communal waste from containers placed on public traffic areas, from plastic containers located in individual households and waste baskets in the City of Skopje, in three shifts during 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Over 140,000 households and tens of thousands of economic entities and institutions from the urban and rural areas are served. Over 130 thousand tons of municipal waste are transported and deposited annually in the Drisla landfill.

- Maintenance of hygiene on public traffic areas on the territory of the City of Skopje, which includes their manual and machine wash and sweep.

- Selection of packaging and packaging waste (plastics, paper and cans) in over 250 dedicated grid containers located in several locations on the City of Skopje and around a thousand sets of 4 purpose plastic cans located in public and educational institutions. Processing and baling of selected waste in the recycling yard in the Karposh 3 settlement where special containers are placed in which the citizens of the City of Skopje can postpone unnecessary bulky, electronic, glass and metal waste.

- "Vardarishte" Shelter for the homeless dogs, where the project for humane treatment of homeless dogs on the territory of the City of Skopje is successfully implemented, according to the program "Catch, neuter, release", created by the World the Animal Protection Association (WSPA) and the Royal Animal Protection Association of the United Kingdom (RSPCA), and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

- Education of the young population for the proper attitude towards hygiene and the environment.

- Support and organization of public events from the aspect of maintaining public hygiene.

- Eco-patrol responsible for locating irregularly disposed municipal waste and undertaking specific measures for environmental protection. It educates citizens about the manner of dealing with municipal waste, respecting the established communal order in the city, in order to preserve a healthy environment.


The vision of PE "Komunalna Higiena" - Skopje is "Pisto Skopje and satisfied citizens".

In order to realize this vision, in our operations we implement the European standards and introduce the most modern technique and technology.

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out the functions of the enterprise and to raise the quality of the services, the introduction of the quality standard ISO 9001: 2008 is in progress.

 The company has introduced a modern information system, which enables the application of information technology in everyday operation (existence of several software applications). A modern computer center with four servers, optically connected with over 120 workstations located in four locations, has been installed in a single information network.

Public Utility Company "Communal hygiene" - Skopje has developed a new functional web page through which it presents its daily activities and enables the citizens to receive in a quick and simple way all the necessary information about the services provided by the company. This ensures full transparency in the operation of the enterprise.

Fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of our customers is our goal. That is why in the next period, unselfishly and dedicatedly, we will endeavor to continually raise the quality of our services.