Mission and vision


Mission and vision


The basic mission of PE "Communal Hygiene" - Skopje reads: "Purely Skopje and satisfied citizens".

Management of a communal enterprise


The decision-making process is dynamic

The management itself is a blend of the processes of planning, coordinating, controlling and communicating with the production, marketing, financial, personnel and similar activities of the company according to its organizational setup.

Communication, flow and exchange of information from various aspects of the behavior of the authorities in the decision-making process.

Decisions are made at the headquarters of the communal enterprise, decisions are made at the level of the Board of Directors, and joint decision-making between the public utility company and the Board of the company.

Financial aspects, research and development activities are in the competence of deciding a communal enterprise while advertising, product promotion, personnel issues, routine production decisions are divided equally between the utility company and the Board of Directors. The utility company does not decide on the dividend, research, development and more. It turns out that they have a subordinate position in relation to the company`s management board, and the greatest independence is for personal decisions, but at the highest level, and not for the managerial managers who need approval from the board of the company.


Communal enterprise management

Of all the factors that are in the field of communal business, the issue of human resources management is irrelevant. Without trained people it is impossible to use the achievements of modern industry and informatics, nor to overcome and integrate the spheres of action of utility companies globally. Therefore, the existence of a need for human capital in which the knowledge, skills, information and their application for the proper management of the personnel, professional behavior among colleagues, users, superiors, working discipline and the like are concentrated, is defined. PE Communal Hygiene takes into account the diversity of the national composition of employees, their salaries, the negotiation of their rights and benefits. In order to properly develop the awareness of the employees in 2007, the Code of Professional Conduct etiquette of PE Communal Hygiene was implemented.


Organization in a communal enterprise

Associated with the development of staff important for a company is to create opportunities for expressing the managerial skills that will lead the enterprise towards achieving its goal. Establish a basis for strategic thinking and create a vision in which direction the development of the enterprise is possible. The manager should be prepared to accept the differences that exist and to have the determination and sympathy to encourage people to be motivated and to work in conditions of existence of different value systems. This means that his knowledge should be tailored to the operational needs of the enterprise, its strategy, technology. To this end, his skills and abilities should be expressed through planning and organizational capabilities, independence, initiative, communication skills, tolerance and ability to quickly return to a previous state. Communal managers need to have an attitude of public thinking, flexibility, realism and multicultural understanding to facilitate the establishment and classification of the necessary activities, grouping the activities necessary for achieving the goals.

The organizational structure is functional if it allows individuals to contribute to the realization of the goals of the enterprise, but with minimum unwanted consequences and costs. If clearly defined functions and results are expected the easier it is to make the structure of the organization, ie the existence of the principle of equilibrium on which effectiveness depends, the principle of flexibility as a structure that is ready to respond to change.


Strategy of communal enterprise

The strategy of the enterprise and its organizational structure is interconnected and affects the success of the communal enterprise. Functional connection of parts of the company aimed abroad; sectoral structure where each production or service sector is responsible for functional areas so that all activities can be concentrated in multiple sectors or only one sector in which all the strategic influences of the company are crossed at home or abroad. With diversification and globalization there is a new structure of an organization or structure of global targeting, different parts of the enterprise are reported to different sectors within the enterprise. This leads to a close specialization and higher effectiveness at different levels. For this purpose JP Communal Hygiene has introduced and implemented ISO standards.